Revolutionizing Logistics Through Innovative Delivery Solutions

Parcelport is a Ghanaian registered business currently operating in Ghana as a limited liability company.

Parcelport is a smart logistics company that solves the challenges of last-mile distribution. We allow consumers, companies and couriers to send and receive parcels at pickup points located at convenient retail stores across in Ghana.

Parcelport has a solution that offers deliveries and collections at 250+ pickup & drop off centre nationally including Shell shops, Goil marts and lots of awesome individual stores.

75% of the population in sub-saharan Africa live and work in areas that have limited access to goods and services. These areas include informal settlements and rural areas, which often lack proper residential addresses and are challenging and expensive to service by couriers. High security housing estates, large office buildings and universities are other examples of areas where a courier delivery is almost impossible. Additionally, people have a busy lifestyle and don’t have someone at home to send or receive parcels on their behalf all the time, leading to missed deliveries and disappointment.



It is our mission to create access for anybody in Africa. We do this through a network of pickup points  which is supported by our smart logistics technology platform.

By creating access we strive to be a key enabler of ecommerce on the continent and connect retailers and consumers globally. We do this at a price that is more affordable, through locations that are more accessible and while giving our users the flexibility to choose a time and location convenient to them.

We currently have 253 PUDO network centres in Accra and Kumasi, the largest two cities in Ghana. It is our target to expand the network across Ghana with an estimated 3000 networks nationwide.

By 2024 we are targeting to have 2000 PUDO networks in Ghana processing 5 parcels per a day, 150 parcels per a month,1800 parcels per a year. Across the 2000 PUDO network centres we will be processing 3.6 million parcels per annum. (1800 per a PUDO network centre x 2000 PUDO network centre.

In the next 5 years we hope to expand into 10 African countries namely; Nigeria, Ivory Coast,  Sierra Leone, Kenya, Rwanda,  Zimbabwe, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia & South Africa.

In all we are targeting to have at least 3000 PUDO networks in each of the African countries we will operate in there having a total of 33,000 PUDO networks spread across the African countries and counting. In 10 years its our target to move into other African countries and increase our total PUDO networks to 100,000 PUDO networks centres across the African countries

We have estimated that each PUDO centre will process an average of 10 parcels a day thus 300 parcels a month so in a year a PUDO centre will process 3600 parcels per annum. So 3600 x 100,000 parcels is 360 million parcels in a year in Africa by the year 2032.